Hannah- Warwick

"Nathan is able to keep me focused and motivated but more importantly he showed me how the training I had previously been doing had actually caused me more injuries due to my bad movement. I had shoulder pain for years which had started to affect my driving. The pain had actually come from a weakness in my ankles that had worked its way up to my knee and then shoulder. The exercises Nathan gives me, although  seeming simple, have made a massive difference and I am now able to move pain free. Nathan is friendly and professional and makes me feel very comfortable when training. Thank you Nathan!"

Chris - Wolston

"Nathan has now been my coach for two years. I met him when i considered myself to be a good cyclist with a good level of fitness but beset with the annoyance of continual and hindering injuries. However, two years on, I am nearly 40 and the fittest and fastest I have ever been in my life. These days I can't get enough of the mountains. I am stronger than I ever expected to be, and it's paying dividends. As an incredibly busy professional, it's great to have Nathan focused on my performance and interested in helping me be the best I can possibly be. I have had my fair experience of coaches, so am confident in saying that Nathan is right up there, and my best to date."

Laura- Bristol

"Being a nurse I am on my feet for 13 hours a day and I developed a patella-femoral knee injury. Working with Nate to strengthen and build my muscle has meant that I can continue to work pain free. Nate gives me online training programmes that enable me to do the exercises from home between my shifts. If I ever have any issues I can message him or phone him any time to discuss changing the programmes. It's very simple and he regularly reviews my progress to check that we are on track."