Training Information

Cycling Performance

After establishing your goals I will test your cycling ability based on your heart rate and power. From the results I am able to work out your performance weaknesses and offer training and development to improve your cycling technique. I work with a wide range of cyclists from BMX to road riders of all abilities and ages.

Injury Rehabilitation

I perform a functional assessment to initially work out where your underlining injury has stemmed from. The tests are based on movement, flexibility and muscle activation. Once established I am able to offer you a thorough rehabilitation programme with regular assessments to establish your progression.

Strength Training

When properly performed strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement to general health and well being. The strength training I offer reduces potential injury, increases performance and promotes weight loss and muscle definition. As well improving your strength I will also ensure you are performing the exercises correctly.

Injury Prevention

All sports people get injured from time to time and the more contact there is within the sport the more likely you are to get injured but there are ways of strengthening the body to prevent against excessive stress. With a functional assessment I am able to check your body's movement and pick up any potential weaknesses to prevent against injury.

Sports Performance

Each sport requires different techniques to improve the functional movement and to allow for the physical demands put on different areas of the body. I am able to help athletes of all levels decrease injury risks and build strength and power with personalised training programmes suited to their individual sport and level.

Online Coaching

I offer online coaching to increase strength and to improve cycling techniques. The online programmes I offer can be performed at home or your local gym. Once we have discussed your current fitness level and established your goals, I will send the programmes to you via email. This process includes regular updates and reviews to check your progress.